A new BIG button
Installs in seconds
So easy to press
The reliability of Merlin Garage Door Openers
6 years of trouble free service and counting.
Buttons for all generations of Merlin garage door openers


One of our valued customers recently upgraded to our sleek new keychain buttons for his two Merlin MR60 automatic garage door openers (6 years reliable service and counting) and he wondered if we could also supply a nice big easy-to-press button he could mount on his sun-visor. YES!

'Hastings Garage Door Services installed automatic openers on my doors in 2010. While the garage door openers have not missed a beat, they were starting to creak a bit and the remote buttons had become a little hard to activate. Hastings Garage Door Services came out on site and in a very short time, they had tweaked and serviced the doors so they again ran as good as new. We also got two sleek new buttons (which my wife loves) but I don't like to keep the button on my keyring and I am always fumbling for it as I come up the drive. The solution? A big single visor mounted button that is a cinch to press, even with my big thumbs! Thanks HGDS!

Paddy McCann

If your garage door opener needs a tweak and a service or perhaps you need a new button, we can be there in a flash! Give Hastings Garage Door Services a call on 0407 442 553